10 Useless Household Items Everyone Still Has

Whether you obtain them through cheap sales, gifts, or any other means, you always seem to end up with things that just have no use for you within your home. Drawers become littered with them and your closets become stock full of these items, all useless to you and often just collecting dust. No matter how you got them, they always remain through one move to another and remaining through each spring cleaning you may perform within your home. Everyone has them and they can range from one type to another, even serving a great purpose at one time but never really getting its place in the recycling bin when no longer useful. You probably have a few sitting upon your shelves now, or even cluttering up your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, all worthless to your life, as with these 10 useless household items that everyone still has.

  1. Apple Slicer. Now you had a great idea when you bought the apple slicer, whether it was to eat healthier or provide your kids with a quick snack. No matter how it ended up in your home, it just sits tucked away, most likely in an attempt to keep away from the kids, while forgetting your little resolution for a healthier diet along the way.
  2. Corn on the Cob Holders. Everyone usually has a set or two, or maybe even 5 or 6 within their home, often purchased within a large pack to serve the purpose of keeping your hands a little neater when eating corn on the cob. However, after the excitement of the first use, most people just forget they are there or don’t want to bother with something extra to wash.
  3. Coffee Bean Grinder. Everyone has a little do-it-yourself in them, wanting to go about the long way to obtain the things that are said to not taste as great when store-bought. However, you often find that everyone can’t be a chef and even with a coffee bean grinder, you don’t always want to go about the long way to obtain your coffee each morning, creating great irrelevance in the item altogether.
  4. VCR Tape Rewinder. When you bought it, it had a great purpose, ensuring that you could watch your VCR tapes with a quick rewind each time. Once VCR cassettes were no longer hot topics on the market, DVD’s became the new video source, leaving the VCR tape rewinder in the dust of many shelves and entertainments centers everywhere.
  5. Tape Recorder. Everyone has a tape recorder, often purchased at one point for a good reason but losing its purpose after a couple of times. This is why they are usually found in multiples within drawers everywhere, serving as a household item that just lingers with no particular use.
  6. Piece of Plastic Connector. This may seem a bit vague, but that is just what is found in drawers of homes all over. The connector could belong to an array of items that may serve a purpose, but through time you often forget just what purpose it serves, leaving you with no use for the item at all.
  7. Magazine Rack. This is a household item that isn’t useless because it has no purpose, but useless as it isn’t ever really used to store magazines. In many cases, it collects dust and books or catalogs that are long forgotten, often creating an eyesore within living rooms and dens across the world.
  8. Seasoning Grinder. These are cute and can be found in many different varieties, but once purchased really become useless to households, no matter who it belongs to. Even great chefs can say they have a couple just sitting around with no particular use.
  9. Deviled Egg Holder. A lot of people love deviled eggs, but how many times are you really going to eat them before getting a bit sick of them. Without a little space in between, they really can become nauseating, which is why so many people have found that owning a deviled egg holder is a bit insignificant.
  10. Bread Decruster. This is another item that ends up littering the kitchen, purchased with great intentions but just never used. This is why they are so cheap, you would figure, but people continue to buy them at an incredible rate, never really getting any use from them.

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