10 Fun Projects for Decorating Your Home

I know it is still February, and according to the ground-hog day legend, spring is around the corner.  And while most of the country is still blanketed in a foot of snow it may be difficult to get excited about spring clean-up, fix-up or painting our home.  As a woman it is in my genetic factor to do something special to my home in the early spring and summer months.  Balancing that with the yard work I like to do, becomes a challenge to get it all done in time to enjoy it before hot weather sets in.  So what are a few suggestions I can offer?

  1. I listened to a young friend as she excitedly told me of her plans to put a new paint job on her children’s bedrooms.  What a great idea!  Paint is inexpensive and a great preserver of the interior walls of our home.  And with the right color combination, we can have a new room without much expense.
  2. It makes sense to plan ahead on what we want to do, and then budget for it.  A lot or a little redecorating can make a big difference in how much we want to spend.  After writing down the most important things – then add to or take from as you balance your projected budget.
  3. As we’ve labeled this “fun projects” we can steer away from remodeling jobs, like adding a bed room.  Let’s stick with fun projects – projects you will enjoy doing and basking in the finished product as a result.  Why not make a new pillow for the “old” couch.  Pillows need refreshing on occasion anyway, so make a trip to the fabric store and talk with a sales clerk.  It would be an easy project as well as a start to dress up an area.
  4. What about curtains.  I love the light weight lacy fabric in the summer time for my window covering.  Wal-Mart is a great place to at least look, and then to even change the curtain rod is a breeze.  It is amazing the difference curtains make in the feel of a room.
  5. Or what about a new bedroom ensemble?  OK, paint the walls, then go with an entirely new look in bed covering.  I like to decorate with quilts, which leaves me with quilts when I don’t use them anymore as a spread.  There are many to choose from, as well as new bold colors in comforter sets.
  6. My bathroom is one of those places I like to give a new look occasionally.  As a Christmas gift from one of my daughters and her husband, they did a bathroom “makeover” last year.  I was so surprised as to how it turned out with a different paint, some decorative wall art, and new shower curtain with matching towels, I’m still enjoying my “new” bathroom a year later.
  7. My dining table has been with me through the years of growing children.  One spring project I took on was removing the old stain from the table top and giving it a fresh look taking care of some of the age spots that were there.  I enjoyed my finished project and it was sure cheaper than purchasing a new dining set.
  8. I also consider de-cluttering as decorating.  Take a pantry or a closet for instance.  Maybe by re-evaluating the pantry space, you can determine if you need extra bins for small things or stackable shelves for can goods.  There is a lot of help out there to organize a small space to utilize more.  The same goes for cluttered closets made by being in such a hurry.  Closet maid makes great organizing tools to help get your closet back in order again.
  9. If you are blessed with even a small yard space, there are always fun projects to be done.  Make your own stepping stones.  I bought the plastic flower pot “saucers” in the size I wanted my stepping stone to be.  I then bought concrete mix in a 10 lb bag along with a concrete red coloring.  I mixed the concrete mix, the red coloring, and enough water to make it the consistency of “corn bread” before cooking.  After pouring it into the saucer molds, I waited for about 24 hours before checking how it had dried out.  Often it took 36 hours to actually set.  I love my finished product.
  10. Decorate your patio, or front porch with decorative flower containers.  It is according to how much sun the area gets during the day as to what you would plant.  However in a few more weeks, the garden centers and green houses will have so many flowers to choose from that will fit the area you have to work with.  Whether Wal-Mart, Lowes or Home Depot, there are so many containers reasonably priced that making a choice should be an easy enough project.

I get excited writing about spring and the many possibilities at my disposal to do something extra to my home.  It has been noted recently that we’ve used the term all wrong when we say, “I have got to clean house”, leaving a negative tone to the hearer.  However reversing that to say, “I want to do something nice to beautify my home” makes all the difference in the world.  So whether we clean, groom, paint, redecorate, make some pillows or chair covers, we are blessing the home that serves us well.

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