10 Most Common Types of Pictures People Hang at Home

Walls in our homes are the place we love to decorate with images from our heart. When it comes to pictures, we enjoy framing many things that have meaning to us. It doesn’t matter if others will not understand. We do it because of what it represents to us. There is no rule or set of standards for what is important. Every person has the freedom to express themselves. With them, we say something about ourselves, and what we cherish. Here are the 10 most common types of photos people often hang on their wall.

  1. Family. There is not much that is closer to our hearts than our family. We love to put up those pictures of our kids, since they grow so fast. Plus there are the ones of our parents or grandparents, that always are very important. Each represents a generation, one coming to be and the other behind us.
  2. Famous People. Maybe there is some celebrity or person from history who is personally inspirational. Having their photos on the wall can remind us of things we cherish.
  3. Vacations. Taking a once in a lifetime trip is something we all love to remember. Seeing the photo, from the place we only have had a chance to visit once, can often bring a smile to our faces.
  4. Collections. If we have a hobby where we collect items, we may want to show it off to others. If it is something we restored, or an item that is very rare, we might have even more reason to display that picture.
  5. Special Events. Who wouldn’t want to capture some holiday or reunion in film? It might be something we only went to once and is filled with lots of great memories.
  6. Scenic Spots. Perhaps some place is beautiful to the point that looking at the picture just relaxes or makes us feel calm in a unique way. Nature is often the subject of photos that are displayed in our homes.
  7. Friends. Best friends are such a cherished part of life. We can spend so much time with them like they were siblings. Having a candid shot of them can demonstrate the place of honor they hold in your life.
  8. Humor. Life has its stress points for all of us. Being creative, and having pictures that make us laugh, can be just what we need; a reminder of the fun moments of life.
  9. Pets. They are such dear companions in many ways. Capturing them in a moment of cuteness is just irresistible. Once they are gone, it becomes a memorial of sorts.
  10. Memories. Graduations, weddings and those moments we want to relive over and over, just deserve a place on our wall. They let us visit a time, we wish to enjoy more than once.

The wonderful thing with pictures is how they express something about a time in our lives, or a place we dream about, that has made an impact on us. In our homes, we acknowledge their prominent place in our lives by allowing them to live on our walls.

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